Hi Everyone - welcome to my blog!! I’m Chelsea Lowe! I was born and raised in a town just outside Philadelphia - with my adorable family, Carol and Carl (Momma and Daddy), C.J. (Brother) and two sweet pups (Cocoanut Oscar and Cassidy Oprah). I'm currently living in the beautiful state of Alabama (Roll Tide Roll!).

In 2011, I created my Instagram and Tumblr where I started blogging about my outfits and documenting the things I love. I soon began receiving comments from people I didn’t know asking me about my outfits and if I had a blog. Since then, blogging has become one of my favorite thing to do! I use my blog as a place to share my petite style through daily outfits, personal fashion tips, my faith and much more!

Lowe Co Petite is a blog dedicated to being a source of inspiration for young girls and women who love fashion, faith, and spending time with family and friends. Here is the place where I will give my personal tips and tricks on how to be crazy in love with your everyday life. Thank you so much for stopping by, its mean the world to me!