I Can't Breathe: Resources to Understanding Black Lives Matter

In light of what is going on in the world — not only after the death of George Floyd, but what has been a massive systematic issue for centuries — I decided to gather some resources to help, to learn, and to acknowledge this time we are in. It's heartbreaking, but I and millions of others that look just like me, have felt this looming inadequacy for years. Inadequacy we did not ask for. But I pray we are the generation to end it. 

I have sifted through the hate, but I have been OVERWHELMED by the love I have received. I won't plant my roots in their ignorance, but I will plant my roots in the justice I have always known we deserved. I fight for that justice, I speak for that justice, and I will continue to educate myself on that justice. The ones who have come before me, the ones who have lost their lives, and the ones that have devoted their lives to activism have paved the way for us to speak and we will not take that for granted. 

Below, are resources that I have been working my way through to become more informed myself! Thank you to those who have been open to learning a new point of view and new content. This is a journey that I think we can win, and I genuinely hope and pray y'all stay along for every moment of this fight. Lots of love to each and every one of you, I will be praying for all of our hearts to be more like His. 

To Read

To Listen

To Watch 
- 13th (Netflix)
- American Son (Netflix) 
- Dear White People (Netflix)
- When They See Us (Netflix)
- King in the Wilderness (HBO)
- If Beale Street Could Talk (Hulu)
- The Hate You Give (Hulu)
- See You Yesterday (Netflix)
- Roxanne (Netflix)
- Strong Island (Netflix)
- What Happened To Miss Simone? (Netflix)
- Mudbound (Netflix)
- LA 92 (Netflix)
- Malcolm X (Netflix)

To Donate

To Educate Children

To Support Black-Owned in Birmingham 

Instagram accounts that give more educational resources 
- @bhamnow

To hear from other strong black voices follow these Instagram accounts:

@darling_tee     @troprouge    @rantinreview     @influencingincolor     @thelipbar

There are so many other resources than the ones above, and I encourage you to look into others as we update it and we continue our fight. If you have any suggestions or any personal experiences please comment — I would love to hear from you!

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