Coco’s Spirit Week

Wow, what a crazy start to the new year! Each day I have been looking for something to look forward to and that can get harder as these days seem to drag on. Can I get an AMEN SOMEBODY!!! I’ve had some awesome solo date nights, but it’s time for this mama to get out and socialize! I’ve missed it, being the extrovert social butterfly I am (can anyone relate?). With all that being said, I thought I would throw it back to some simpler days: high school homecoming week!

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With me reminiscing on homecoming, high school superlatives, and spirit week, I thought we should have a special spirit week of our own: Coco’s Spirit Week ( #cocosspiritweek)! At my high school (go demons!) I got nominated for SIX superlatives! They were best dressed, the life of the party, most spirited, most likely to become famous, most likely to get in a car accident, and always laughing. Some of those you probably could have guessed, right? Out of the six they picked, always laughing, which still rings very true. I only could actually win one because of “fairness,” but I still loved the idea of relating to all of them. I think we all can agree high school was an interesting time for all of us, just like the times we are in now. 

The social distancing and quarantine hasn’t been easy or convenient for anyone, and can make us lose sight of one of my favorite holidays: Easter. Part of this spirit week is meant to bring in positive vibes, and prepare our hearts to rejoice in God’s goodness on Easter Sunday. Sometimes that can be lost in sight of our own daily issues of loneliness, doubtfulness, fearfulness, frustration, anxiety, and depression, but I am here to encourage you to break those chains and look forward to something fun like this spirit week! One of my favorite verses right now is:

This really has hit home with me lately. The world has felt like it has been in a very dark place right now, but it is comforting knowing that God gave his only son to die on the cross for us AND that same God is here throughout every trial and tribulation. Girl, if that ain’t good I don’t know what is!

I think this spirit week is going to be so much fun, and I can’t wait for you all to participate (and even enter in our quarantine necessity giveaway on Instagram with our hashtag #cocosspiritweek)! Check out what each day will be below!

Pajama Rama
(Rammer Jammer!! Where my Bama people at?) Wear your favorite go to quarantine and chill outfit. A pj party for 1 please! This can be pajamas or your favorite chillax outfit.

Tie Dye Tuesday 
 Spirit week can be trendy too right? Wear your favorite piece of tie dye!

On Wine Wednesdays We Wear Pink 
Put on your Mean Girls pink outfit and for my wine drinkers grab a glass of wine (or your drink of choice)! Comment your favorite Mean Girls quote. 

Top Knot Thursday 
Get that bun up girls, and wear your top knot high today!

Fan Food Friday 
Rep your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB or collegiate team while eating your favorite game day snack! If you're new around the Philadelphia Eagles is my NFL team and the Alabama Crimson Tide is my collegiate football team. 

Cinderella Saturday 
If the shoe fits! Have you been going stir crazy not being able to wear your favorite spring shoe yet? Put on your favorite sneaker, sandal, slides, or slippers, and have a Cinderella moment.

Soul Search Sunday 
For Easter, post your favorite quote or bible verse for some positive vibes.

Can't wait for spirit week with you all next week.

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