Winter White with Loft

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables. We are exactly 4 weeks away from Thanksgiving y’all! Today in partnering with LOFT and I rounded up some of my favorite items from LOFT that will be the perfect for any holiday occasions! Even if you live down south where it still feels like summer. Fall is my favorite season. The weather’s not quite freezing yet but it’s not so warm you can get through the evenings without a snuggly sweater or a pair of thick socks. I absolutely love this time of year and relish fall movie nights, and I lovey e bundling up and taking evening walks through my quaint little town! .

I love my fall tradition— 1. I went to a trillion pumpkin 🎃 patchs! 2. Got all the Carmel apples 🍏 3. I took all the photos I possibly could with fall foliage 🍂 🍁 4. I craved pumpkins 5. Drank all the pumpkin beer 🍻 (I actually don’t like pumpkin spice lattes) 6. Watched all my favorite fall movies over and over again! 7. I will be going to a few Friendsgivings! My girlfriends and I will be having a Friendsgiving and I will 1,000% be wearing one of the above sweaters. I can’t get enough god wearing sweaters during this time of the year. I’m team loose sweaters for holiday’s and holiday parties so I can eat all the things! My sweaters and jeans are all from LOFT. Since I’m a family of one I get to pick the flick, the snack, and the chair! What are your favorite cozy indulgences this time of year?

Thank you LOFT for sponsoring this post.

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