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It’s officially the last day of my favorite month! Today I am partnering with Express to share some of my favorite fall must haves and a few life lessons I have learned this year. This whole look is from Express and I am beyond obsessed. I am wearing a xs in the sweater and it fits true to size but, I wish I would of went up a size or two so it was a little more over sized!! My scarf jazzed up this fun and simple look! Each item I have on will be great closet staple for both winter and fall. I have also rounded up all of my other favorite items from Express!

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I learned a lot this year and I still have so much growing and learning to do. As many of you know this was a pretty ruff year for me. But, thank goodness I have overcome ever battle. I definitely learned a lot about myself the past 10 months. I struggled with being 28 and single while living in the south. I feel like there is such a stigma if you aren't married by this age down south. But, God has a perfect plan for me,  for you, for everybody. The biggest takeaway I learned this year so far is that it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about you as long as you're happy and living your God given purpose. the individuals who are judging you don't own a significant place in your heart or your life. God teaches us to respect each other and not judge each other through his Word and for some people that is a hard life lesson to follow. Knowing I/we have a God-Given purpose puts everything into perspective and helps me refocus on what truly matters most!!

One of my favorite things to do at the end of every month is to reflect on what I did with my life this month and during the same month the previous year. Everyday I ask God, how I can bless someone else today? I do this by performing random acts of kindness and leave a little love everywhere I go. I would love for you all to join me doing this next month. Take some extra time each day during November to go out of your way for someone else. I would love to hear your random act of kindness so please share it with me here, on Instagram ChelseaOlivia13, or my LoweCoPetite Facebook page. Cheers to the rest of 2019 I cannot wait to make more memories these last few weeks and share them with you all!!

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