Valentine's Day Getaway with Walmart


I am so excited to hanging out with all my girls this Valentine's Day! We are spending 5 days in Miami this year for Valentine's Day and I am over the moon. If you can't tell from the pictures above! I fell like a little kid at Christmas time. There is just nothing better than spending time with your girls during this fun love holiday!! I truly think getting ready is better when you get to do it with your friends. Like back in the good ole college days! specking of getting ready. I used one of my favorite wands from Walmart to get these beautiful circles. I couldn't wait to pack it! I have bought this wand 3 times and this bad boy is the wand I used while I was in college. My girl friends and I still to this day exchange gifts and I love it. Still need to grab your bestie something? Walmart really has it going this year well every year! I am also linking some fun things you can get your besties for Valentine's Day below. 

Walmart Thank you so much for sponsoring this post!!!

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