My 2019 Bucket List With LOFT

Hello 2019. It’s so nice to officially met you. Anyone else always want to accomplish all the things when the new year rolls around. Set some goals, change up a few things for the better. Maybe buy a new wardrobe? I am partnering with LOFT today to share my new favorites of 2019 and My 2019 Bucket List. One of my goals for 2018 was to partner with LOFT which has been a dream come true. Talking about dream come true how cute is this dress I wore all day New Years Eve. It’s true to size and oh so comfy. If you are 5’2 and under be sure to order the petite size in this dress. It comes in plus and women’s as well. I also styled today’s outfit. A fun pair of leggings and a cute cozy sweatshirt. I sized up one in the leggings I am wearing a Small Petite and I also sized up one in the sweatshirt. Wearing a size small!

This may sound cliché, but working with LOFT (a company I have loved and shopped at for years) was more than a dream come true. I never in my wildest dream thought I would be working with LOFT and sharing my favorite new finds of 2019 and my bucket list! While I was reflecting on a 2018 it really made me think about past events in my life. I am ready to live my best life this year. I will not hold back what so ever. Why not do all of these fun things while wearing all my LOFT favorites!
My 2019 Bucket List:

1. Take better care of myself this year! Self-care did not exist in my life in 2018. In return I felt very burnt out. So, I will 1,000% take better care of myself in 2019! I will start by be kinder to myself, eating healthier, and working out again!
2. Donate more of my Time to Charity. I want to Volunteer more. I donate to charity on a regular basis.
3. Learn something new
4. Make sustainability a part of my life
5. Host an event at a LOFT store in either Philadelphia or Alabama. Scratch that, host an event with LOFT in any state!
6. Travel somewhere by myself. I don’t know about you all but I love doing things alone!!! Yes, I love traveling with my friends and family but there is just something so beautiful about doing things alone. I have done day trips and overnight trips in my city or neighboring cities but never traveled away alone. I mean, who doesn’t want to have the freedom to set your schedule and just go with the flow. I know I do! I will take you all along with me!
7. Go to Europe
8. Fly in a hot air balloon
9. Learn to play chess
11. Start a YouTube channel.
10. Sign with an agency.
12. See a musical
13. Go to a Music Festival
Thank you so much LOFT for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Love everything you picked out, love the outfits you look so beautiful<3. Good luck with your bucket list!