Holiday Look with American Eagle

Are y'all ready for Christmas parties? Are y'all ready to get dresses up and eat all the things? I know I am! I am excited to partner with American Eagle today to share this fun holiday look. Black is the perfect color for any holiday party because you can easily dress it up or down for any occasion. Whether you need something more formal for a family gathering, more laid back for an office party, or more flirty for a friend’s party, these looks can take you anywhere because they are so versatile.
You can accomplish this look with either a black skirt and black top or just keep it simple with a black dress. I styled two all black looks. I love pairing this skirt with a top with sheer detail. It keeps you covered up but allows you to still look fun and glam for your parties. To finish off these looks, I have been reaching for these fun over the knee boots because they literally go with anything. Even if you find a holiday look that isn’t black, these heels can be paired with almost any color! They are such a great investment and can be worn throughout the season. If y’all are still looking for a holiday looks I’ve linked my holiday looks from American Eagle below. Finish off this look with a festive red scarf and you’re ready to rock around the Christmas tree!

And thank you, American Eagle for sponsoring this post!


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