Work Wear With LOFT + 50% Off Everything

Hey Friends! Happy Monday! I am super excited to be kicking off October partnering with Loft to share my favorite fall workwear looks. You can shop my dress here for 50% off. I am wearing an XS Petite in this dress it also comes in regular sizing as well! I'm a firm believer that a fun dress is the perfect fall outfit. Dresses are great to wear in the office during the week. They can also easily transition for drinks after work with girlfriends. This dress is great for worch (work + church). It can easily be worn from day to night! I have rounded up all my work wear favorites and you can shop them all in this post. All of my picks are 50% off until tomorrow. Which, means its time to stock up on your fall favorites! 

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As a working woman, I sometimes find it hard to remember to make time for myself. I'm constantly helping other people or trying to organize my day so that I have time to sleep and look good in the morning, but the one thing I always forget is making sure I have a life as well. Being in your twenties is a time like no other and in order to get the most out of life us working women need to remember to reward ourselves with a fun shopping trip to LOFT, a girls night out with friends, or even a night in with a good movie and treats. All of my picks are perfect for any fall activity. No matter what the occasion is LOFT has got you covered.  

Before I treat myself with a fun girls night I have to feed my soul! When you are trying to juggle one hundred different things. Let alone trying to stay organized while running a business and working another full-time job! The one thing I don't really have time for (but I really like to do) would be enjoying a mini "vacation" at my apartment every once in a while. As many of y'all know I enjoy going on stay-cations every Saturday. It's so much fun to partake in all of the activities one would enjoy while on vacation. It gives me time to re-charge my batteries. I love to start the day in prayer and worship, only after sleeping in, hanging out with friends and enjoying the finest brunch in town. After brunch, I get my nails, followed by shopping at LOFT my fav spots in town (I mean, what is a Saturday without shopping), finally I usually head home and take a long hot bath, and get ready to head out to dinner with my girls or order in my fav delicious food (which is salmon.. duh) while I watch old episodes of gray's, gossip girl, 90210 or laguna beach.

Tonight I will be rocking this dress! I mean, I am actually obsessed with it. Even if you don't have the time to a stay-cation, you should always do one thing a day that makes you happy. For me, it's getting a great cup of coffee in the morning and listening to my favorite worship album on my way to work. And getting in my daily LOFT shopping fix! What do you do every day that makes you happy? Let me know by commenting below, on my Instagram, or on my Facebook page

And thank you, Anne Taylor Loft, for sponsoring this post!