University of Alabama Football Game-day Guide

Alabama fans take their Gamedays so seriously, it is literally a religion down here. If you aren’t already a fan before you come down to Tuscaloosa, an Alabama gameday with definitely make you one! If you aren’t from the south get ready to be so shocked because people get so dressed up for Gamedays, but that's what makes it so fun!

First off, you have to look the part if you’re going to be cheering on the tide. I usually opt for some neutral colors like this cute suede skirt and white top. You, of course, can be super festive and wear red but it’s not unusual to see girls in black, white, and tan. I love to accessorize my gameday outfit with a creative Gameday pin (I’ve seen so many funny pins with Nick Saban’s face!) and/or a shaker. Also, remember the stadium’s clear bag policy if you will be attending the game and not just tailgating. You can carry a small clutch or purse in the stadium if it doesn’t exceed 4 ½ by 6 ½ . Otherwise, the bag must be clear. I’ve found a cute one here.

If you happen to come into town on Friday and a need a cool place to grab a drink, Catch 22 has amazing infused vodka! Try the tropical vodka with sprite and a splash of cranberry. Trust me, it will be hard to drink anything else once you’ve tasted it! Now, I have to mention that the room can get a little smokey in Catch but you can always sit outside! It can be a little tricky to spot so just remember it’s the bar to the left of Five.

My all-time favorite places to hang on gameday are Gallettes, Innisfree, and the Quad. Gallettes is known for its yellowhammer, which is a staple to every Alabama gameday. Y’all when I tell you this drink is so good, I’m not lying! Gallettes is right on the strip and so conveniently close to the stadium.

Innisfree is farther down the street in the downtown area. It’s the perfect bar because if you get hungry they serve amazing food! I recommend getting the pub fries-i’m obsessed! It can get pretty crowded so make sure to get there early for some seating. I love to sit outdoors when the fall weather is just right!

Also in the downtown area, you can go to Heat if you are craving some pizza! They have amazing cookie ice cream sandwiches too if you are looking for a post-game treat. I love to go here after games too because the restaurant turns into more of a bar atmosphere later in the night.

Obviously, you have to check out the quad on Gameday! The sight of all the Alabama tailgates is something so special, just thinking about it gets me so pumped for Gameday! If you have time, stroll over to the Walk of Champions and check out the statues of past coaches too.

Finally, after the game, I love to chill and grab a bite since I have been on my feet all day! A great post-game restaurant is Mahalo Poke (sushi bowl restaurant in Tuscaloosa) which is located right on the strip. on Gamedays I always seem to be craving some sushi.
If you love sushi my favorite sushi place in town would have to be Chucks. I love their Donkey on crack roll it's so yummy!

I also completely love Five! They usually have live music and the ambiance in there is the best. The Baked Avocado is something you have to order and you can’t go wrong with any of their mixed drinks! They even do a great brunch with their Burrito, Breakfast Burger, and Chicken & Waffles. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, they also have great Beignets. Honestly, I could list their entire menu because anything you order is going to be delicious.

If you end up coming in Friday evening or even as a post-game dinner, you have to eat at Evangeline’s. It’s literally one of my all-time favorite places! If you guys remember, I had my 27th birthday party (to check out that post click here) there and everything was perfect. Such a go-to for me!

The perfect Gameday weekend is not complete without a Sunday brunch!! Like I previously mentioned, Five does an amazing brunch, however, I have to mention 301 Bistro or Another Broken Egg as well. Five and 301 have great live music too so you can keep the excitement going from Saturday! If you have to hit the road early, simply stopping by Babe’s to get a donut will be a perfect end your weekend in T-town! It is new to Tuscaloosa but since arriving has become a staple!

You really can’t go wrong with just wandering around town or chilling at a bar on Gamedays! If you come into town without a ticket, Innisfree and Heat also act as a great place to watch the game! You will still feel all the excitement surrounding the game simply by being in town. Get ready to sing Sweet Home Alabama till your lungs get sore!
Roll Tide!

Top: old similar here | Skirt: Blank NYC | Pumps: old similar here |


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