Fall Girls Night Out in the South

Friday means it’s time for a night out on the town! The entire week I am counting down till I can meet up with my girls and grab a drink to unwind after a hectic work week, although every time I look through my closet for something to wear, I run into the same problem. I don’t know about y’all but I have been having a hard time picking out a cute going out outfit because this Tuscaloosa weather still seems to think it’s summertime! Living in the South is awesome except when you are sweating your makeup off in the middle of October! Right when fall rolls around, I want to whip out my favorite boots and sweaters but then I realize it’s still 80 degrees outside. Luckily, I have some great tips and tricks to dress for fall while not having a heat stroke!

This fun two-piece velour floral number is perfect for a Girls night out! It is great if you’re a college student looking for something to wear out but let’s be honest, I am 27-years-old and have no college plans over here! I would personally wear this getting dinner with my girlfriends when they come into town or going out when I visit them. Velour is a great fabric to wear in the fall because it’s acts as a close cousin to velvet, which is a classic fall staple. A lot of people also think they can’t wear florals in the fall which is not true at all! Just opt for a darker floral print than your normal summer attire.

Another tip, would be to take your favorite summer trends (y’all know I love my rompers and two-pieces) and just simply wear them in fall colors. These colors can be anything in browns, oranges, greens, and black. You can still feel easy and breezy while sipping your pumpkin spiced lattes!
You also don’t need to keep your favorite boots in hiding! I love to rock my over-the-knee boots with a cotton dress. This look has also become a go to look for me on Gamedays and something I can even dress up a little more to make appropriate for work!

Lastly, like velvet and velour, I love myself some suede! I like to incorporate suede into my outfit by using it in a skirt like I do on Gamedays (you can see that post here) or in a suede bag. It’s another easy way to be in the fall spirit while still keeping cool! I hope y’all enjoyed the tips and tricks and now have less trouble searching for an appropriate fall outfit! Fall is my favorite season to dress for and sometimes you just have to get creative with it! Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend and are able to get together with you favorite girls for a good GNO tonight!


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