Happy Halloween + Late Birthday Post

Happy Halloween everyone!! Looks like my Halloween costume this year is my birthday suit since I don’t have a costume picked out! Ha! (I mean, at least I was able to get my birthday blog post up during my birthday month.. 31 is pretty much the same number as 13 it's just backward and at the end of the month. Speaking of birthdays, What a year it has been! I’ve made some incredible memories and grew so much as a person when I was 26. I’m so excited to see where God takes me while I’m 27! Thank you all so much for the love and support over the past year, I wouldn’t be where I am today without y’all! If you ladies want to check out last years post "26 life lessons" check that out here. Note: I was only able to take one picture with my balloons this year... I was legit so sad. Like they legit floated away right when we started shooting.

To begin my birthday festivities, I woke up to the best message from my parents: they sang me happy birthday via voicemail! Y’all, it was the cutest, most amazing thing I’ve heard in awhile. Unfortunately, I was incredibly busy during my birthday week but luckily I had time to fit in an amazing celebration at Evangeline’s. If you go, you must order the parmesan crusted catfish and pesto pasta. Plus the salmon salad is to die for! I wrapped up my birthday month by attending the Roots and Rivalry brunch with all my Birmingham blogger babes! I’ve been celebrating my birthday all month long and man has it been filled with some great food and people! I’m so thankful the Lord has put some incredibly supportive people in my life. They are truly hard to come by these days!

I definitely learned a lot about myself this past year. I always struggled with being 26 and single while living in the south. I feel like there is such a stigma if you aren’t married out of college; like everyone thinks there is something wrong with you. But God has a perfect plan for me, for you, for everybody. The biggest takeaway I learned at age 26 (check out "26 life lessons post here) is that it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you as long as you’re happy and living for the Lord. The individuals who are judging you don’t own a significant place in your life. God teaches us to respect each other and not judge each other through his Word, and for some people that life lesson is hard to follow.

As many of you know I work full time in the hospitality industry as a director of sales. It is quite a demanding job, but I am so blessed to be in the position I am today, especially as a woman! Working, blogging, and just simply living my day-to-day life creates a lot of chaos in my life and that’s why it’s so important for me to keep a work-life balance. I am so incredibly thankful for this LoweCo community for being so patient when life does get chaotic for me! I.e. the reason this birthday post is 19 days late. Whoops! I try to remind myself that my spirit always needs to be the main focus because if not, then your entire life can get out of whack. Knowing I have a God-Given purpose puts everything into perspective and helps me refocus on what matters to most.

In all, I fell in love with myself while I was 26. I learned not to be so hard on myself, to trust in God’s plan, and overall be happy! Cheers to 26 and here’s to 27 y’all! I can’t wait to make more memories this year and share them with all of you!

Romper (c/o) a boutique in Tuscaloosa | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sunnies: Karen Walker |

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  1. You look really stunning in that black dress girl. And a very happy birthday to you. I have a similar dress but its in white color. Guess I'll wear it on my next birthday now.