Work Life Balance

as a working woman, I sometimes find it hard to remember to make time for myself. I'm constantly helping other people or trying to organize my day so that I have time to sleep and look good in the morning, but the one thing I always forget is making sure I have a life as well. Being in your twenties is a time like no other and in order to get the most out of life us working women need to remember to reward ourselves with a fun night out with friends, or even a night in with a good movie and treats. 

Before I treat myself with a fun girls night I have to feed my soul! It’s so important for me to keep the main thing the main thing. When you are trying to juggle one hundred different things. Let alone trying to stay organized while running a business and working another full-time job! The one thing I don't really have time for (but I really like to do) would be enjoying a mini "vacation" at my apartment every once in a while. As many of y'all know I enjoy going on a stay-cations every Saturday. It's so much fun to partake in all of the activities one would enjoy while on vacation. It gives me time to re-charge my batteries. I love to start the day in prayer and worship, only after sleeping in, followed by hanging out with friends and enjoying the finest brunch in town. After brunch, I get my nails, shop at my fav spots in town (I mean, what is a Saturday without shopping), finally I usually head home and take a long hot bath, and get ready to head out to dinner with my girls or order in my fav delicious food (which is salmon.. duh) while I watch old episodes of gray's, gossip girl, 90210 or laguna beach. 

Even if you don't have the time to a stay-cation, you should always do one thing a day that makes you happy. for me, it's getting a great cup of coffee in the morning and listening to my favorite gospel album on my way to work. what do you do every day that makes you happy? let me know by commenting below, on my Instagram, or on my Facebook page
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a stay-cation, you should always do one thing a day that makes you happy. for me, it's getting a great cup of coffee in the morning and listening to my favorite gospel album on my way to work. what do you do every day that makes you happy? Let me know by commenting below, on my Instagram, or on my Facebook page.

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Happy Halloween + Late Birthday Post

Happy Halloween everyone!! Looks like my Halloween costume this year is my birthday suit since I don’t have a costume picked out! Ha! (I mean, at least I was able to get my birthday blog post up during my birthday month.. 31 is pretty much the same number as 13 it's just backward and at the end of the month. Speaking of birthdays, What a year it has been! I’ve made some incredible memories and grew so much as a person when I was 26. I’m so excited to see where God takes me while I’m 27! Thank you all so much for the love and support over the past year, I wouldn’t be where I am today without y’all! If you ladies want to check out last years post "26 life lessons" check that out here. Note: I was only able to take one picture with my balloons this year... I was legit so sad. Like they legit floated away right when we started shooting.

To begin my birthday festivities, I woke up to the best message from my parents: they sang me happy birthday via voicemail! Y’all, it was the cutest, most amazing thing I’ve heard in awhile. Unfortunately, I was incredibly busy during my birthday week but luckily I had time to fit in an amazing celebration at Evangeline’s. If you go, you must order the parmesan crusted catfish and pesto pasta. Plus the salmon salad is to die for! I wrapped up my birthday month by attending the Roots and Rivalry brunch with all my Birmingham blogger babes! I’ve been celebrating my birthday all month long and man has it been filled with some great food and people! I’m so thankful the Lord has put some incredibly supportive people in my life. They are truly hard to come by these days!

I definitely learned a lot about myself this past year. I always struggled with being 26 and single while living in the south. I feel like there is such a stigma if you aren’t married out of college; like everyone thinks there is something wrong with you. But God has a perfect plan for me, for you, for everybody. The biggest takeaway I learned at age 26 (check out "26 life lessons post here) is that it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you as long as you’re happy and living for the Lord. The individuals who are judging you don’t own a significant place in your life. God teaches us to respect each other and not judge each other through his Word, and for some people that life lesson is hard to follow.

As many of you know I work full time in the hospitality industry as a director of sales. It is quite a demanding job, but I am so blessed to be in the position I am today, especially as a woman! Working, blogging, and just simply living my day-to-day life creates a lot of chaos in my life and that’s why it’s so important for me to keep a work-life balance. I am so incredibly thankful for this LoweCo community for being so patient when life does get chaotic for me! I.e. the reason this birthday post is 19 days late. Whoops! I try to remind myself that my spirit always needs to be the main focus because if not, then your entire life can get out of whack. Knowing I have a God-Given purpose puts everything into perspective and helps me refocus on what matters to most.

In all, I fell in love with myself while I was 26. I learned not to be so hard on myself, to trust in God’s plan, and overall be happy! Cheers to 26 and here’s to 27 y’all! I can’t wait to make more memories this year and share them with all of you!

Romper (c/o) a boutique in Tuscaloosa | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sunnies: Karen Walker |

BeYOUty Event + All Black Look

The Goody’s, a part of the Stage Stores Family, post is finally here! I want to give a special thank you to those who came out to the event and to those who tuned in via my Instagram live! I will be sharing the look I wore at the event in Birmingham, plus two fun ways to spice up the same outfit! I wore it with three different pairs of shoes because it is so amazing what a shoe can do to a look. They have the power to truly change it up y’all! Depending on the type of shoe you wear, it can completely change the type of event you can wear an outfit too.

The powerful message I got while shopping at Goody’s, part of the Stage Stores Family, will resonate with me for the rest of my life: beauty truly comes from the inside and I’m so happy to be a part of a community where women uplift each other. The event I hosted at Goody’s, a part of the Stage Stores Family, in Birmingham was so much fun. I had an amazing time working alongside some fellow bloggers to spread the word about this wonderful shopping community Goody’s, a part of the Stage Stores Family, has.

Here is how I styled my look I wore for the event. Booties were in last fall and they’re still in for this season! I got these ones at the Golden Hanger and they are everything. I wore them the night of the event and I couldn’t have been more comfortable. But, let me just stop and say that these faux leather, high waisted snake skin pants are to DIE for. They complement my body shape so well and they’re incredibly easy to pair any type of top with. Y’all already know I’m obsessed with bell sleeves, so there’s no surprise that I paired these amazing pants with this black top. I just tied a little knot in the front of my shirt to complete the look.

If you love to change up what you already have in your closet, here’s a perfect way to do so. Before we get into the outfit details can we look at this amazing red lip! I mean, it adds the perfect pop of color to any look (and I got it at Goody’s, a part of the Stage Stores Family, Beauty Bar!).  Am I the only one who loves to rock all black in the cooler months? You will see me rollin’ and riding dirty in my new go-to fall look! But, y’all for real this look will be my fall and winter uniform. You can wear this to the office (with the right shoes and not tied up of course), out to lunch, date night, and even to church. This is one of those Monday through Sunday kind of looks!

Of course, you’re never fully dressed without a smile and some sunnies! For my next look, I paired these fun Jeffrey Campbell sneakers with my outfit. Look at this amazing detail!! They’re so fun and comfortable and go perfectly with the snakeskin pants. Y’all I just can’t get over how amazing Goody’s, a part of the Stage Stores Family, is. I was truly able to dress according to my style without any problems.

Finally, homegirl had to bust out the cheetah! It’s practically a neutral for me-it literally goes with everything! Don’t be afraid to branch out, you’ll love it!

I love the LoweCo Petite community and what we have going on here, so let’s keep the community beautiful both inside and out! I love serving y’all! Please let me know in the comments below what you would like to see more of in the beauty world!
Here’s a recap of the fall trends I discussed at the Goody’s, part of the Stage Stores Family, BeYOUty Event in Birmingham: bell sleeves, embroidery, mustard yellow, raw hem jeans, booties, and the pop of color lip to take your look from day to night.

Pants: Goody's (c/o) | Top: Goody's (c/o) | Shoes: Golden Hanger Booties (c/o) | Mule: Halogen  | Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell | Sunnies: Karen Walker |

Shop Loft Sale

I am so excited to share my sale shopping adventures with you all. Whenever there is a sale I will be sharing it with you here. You all asked for a sale section and your wish is my command! I will post all my sale pick under this tab and also share my Instagram stories/ dressing room diaries here.  Are y'all ready to get shopping? Read, set, let's get to shopping!

I can't thank you all enough for contributing to the LoweCo Petite community by shopping my links on my blog, Instagram, or via the app. NOTE: If you are shopping any of the sales I post, I get a small commission when you shop directly from my blog or my Instagram. If you do not enjoy my picks but there is something you have been eyeing you can still shop from my links. Any little shopping helps fund my business!! 

Winner winner chicken dinner.