Tribal Shorts + Tank Top + Fun Quay Sunglasses

I am back! Sorry I have been MIA! I drove from Alabama to Pennsylvania and surprised my parents! I have a love for tribal print during the summer time. This is a look that I love and its the perfect travel outfit. While I love dressing up, I also enjoy the comfort of dressing down in shorts and a tank top. You can dress comfortably without having to sacrifice on style. Every weekend you will find me in comfortable clothes that are also cute and stylish. If you adore this its so easy to recreate. What do you think of this outfit?

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 Watch: Michael Kors (old similar here)| Arm Candy: Alex and Ani, David Yurman Bracelet (Similar here and here) | Ring: David Yurman (Similar here) | Sunglasses: Quay | 

Flower Dress + Taco's in Tuscaloosa

I just love flower print dresses. The various colors in the flower print are so bright and fun. I had lunch at one of my favorite restaurant by far in Tuscaloosa Taco Mama! Honestly, I can't wait to get back home and order some shrimp tacos and ice cold sparkling water with a lime. There shrimp tacos are absolutely delicious, so if are ever in Tuscaloosa, AL and you haven't gone yet, I definitely recommend it! 

Dress: Old Lulus Watch: Michael Kors (old similar here) Arm Candy: Alex and Ani, David Yurman Bracelet (similar here and here), Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle | Ring: David Yurman (Similar here|Sunglasses: Karen Walker |

Jumpsuit Fun

Jumpsuits are so much fun and so easy you basically have your whole outfit already planned out, all you have to do is pick out which shoes to wear. I love to mix & match separate pieces of course, but sometimes its so much fun to just let the garment do all the work, you know what I mean? For those of you who don't enjoy getting dressed in the morning jumpsuits are perfect for you. Being petite, it is sometimes difficult for me to find a jumpsuit that don't engulf me. The fit of this one is so perfect! 

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 Watch: Michael Kors (old similar here) Arm Candy: Alex and Ani, David Yurman Bracelet (similar here and here), Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle | Ring: David Yurman (Similar here| Sunglasses: Sunglasses: Ray Ban |

Testimony Tuesday

I truly love serving others. I strive to have a servant's heart, which is why I love the hospitality industry! It doesn't matter what it is, I just find so much joy when doing it whether I am at work, church or out in public. Speaking of church, I serve on our ministry prayer team, and I love everything about it. Christians are called to share the gracious love of our Savior by spreading the words of His gospel!! I love telling, showing and sharing the love of God.

has been in the sales, marketing, special events, and hospitality management for over 7 years at age 25. Many of her clients include non-profits, national associations, and Fortune 500 companies. Chelsea loves to send her time working out, training other to live a healthier life style by introducing new and fun ways to get into healthier place both spiritually and physically. Aside from training and working, Chelsea enjoys, going to church, shopping, and fashion blogging. Below I am going to share some of my testimony hope you enjoy!

Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, and blessed by the most loving and supportive parents that never cease to amaze me with their constant desire to push me to my full potential. I grew up religious, but having an actual relationship with God was rather confusing to me. 

I was always the social butterfly, full of an energy! To put that energy to work, my mother enrolled me in to a gymnastics class. After a while, I began competitive gymnastics and somewhere in those 15 years of my life, my identity became unintentionally wrapped up in my sport. Because physical fitness came natural to me and I excelled, I finally found the confidence I craved. 

But there were other areas clouded with insecurity. I struggled with reading and comprehension — a hindrance that eventually had its affect in the classroom, gym and at home. And excelling at gymnastics didn't make me exempt from being bullied at school. My outer reflection of "big muscles" and inner struggle with a learning disability lead to tears, heartache and frustration. 

At the age of 17, any confidence I had left was taken away when I was violated sexually. Because I did not fully understand who God truly was at the time, I felt like this was some form of punishment from God for my disobedience. This led me to struggling with additional inadequacies: self-loathing, unworthiness, depression, severe anxiety, and a strong hatred toward men. Because I felt unworthy, I kept quiet for years and that planted a seed guilt and shame. I began believing every lie that was shouted at me, buried the hurt and pain and just went with what life threw at me. 

Somehow I knew that I could not do life without some form of community so I prayed for a friend, a boyfriend, just someone that I could talk too. And then came the guy, I made my life. My identity was buried once again and I became co-dependent on him. I couldn't imagine life without him. Not knowing who I was caused me to make decisions that led to continued unhappiness and unworthiness. 

A year later I found myself in the same situation again and, because of the thoughts the enemy had manifested in my mind, I chose to keep silent. I felt worthless and that God was done with me. In addition to feeling like I was no longer a child of God, I became clinically depressed. That depression caused me to try and end my life. Suicide attempts became a norm for me, until I heard the voice of the Lord for the first. He softly whispered that “he wasn’t done with me yet”.  I knew that I could no longer live by the standards that the enemy tried planting in my mind. I had to become free from the critics opinions of my learning abilities. I had to come out of the cloud of shame and darkness that waged war in every area of my life.

Moving to Tuscaloosa, Alabama was the shift that I needed. While I still struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, I knew that there had to be more. I encountered a few people who invited me to church. I battled the decision to attend, but one day I made up in my mind that stepping out in a direction that was foreign to my upbringing would not cost me anything, right? I mean I was already at a low point in my life so what else did I have to lose?  

My very first Sunday I sat in the service and just wept. It was like the Pastor had a personal meeting with God and spoke right in to everything that I had gone through from birth. I consistently kept coming and kept crying with each passing Sunday. I had never heard anything like this before. I knew about religion but I didn’t know about a relationship with Jesus. As days passed, I attended a college ministry service and  boldly yet timidly prayed to receive Christ as my savior. I walked through trials to purify my faith and I felt the hand of God renew my mind and give me a peace that even I could not comprehend. For the first time, I understood that perfect and pure blood of Jesus Christ. That blood cast out the fear in my mind, and His love was awakened, alive, and present. The day I declared YES to welcoming Jesus in my heart, my life was NEVER the same. I found a truth that the enemy was determined to keep hidden.

As I began to mature in my faith the unworthiness and self-doubt began to disappear. But I knew in my heart that there was more and I found that in community with other believers. Freedom was a word I had never comprehended because I had been enslaved to who I thought I was supposed to be all my life.  I never knew I could be free from all the things in my past and that those things did not have to define me. But after 7 years of living under the lies of condemnation and accusation, I was finally set free. God faithfully healed and restored my heart through the love of HIS truth and promises of the Word. He enveloped me with the healing power and truth of His Word (Isaiah 61:1-3, 7-8 NLT).

God’s Word has enabled me to maintain genuine forgiveness in my heart towards the men who hurt me. God's Word and promises have not only healed my mind but wiped away any memory that was not of and from Christ himself.  The scales were removed and I begin to see God with a new perspective. Just like He did for me, God longs to set you free. In fact, He is waiting for you to come out of hiding! It is amazing to see how God is using me now. For the first time in my life I know that I AM valued because of Jesus’ love for me. And because I have been set free, I now get to share that love every day of my life. I am completely overwhelmed with joy in the LORD my God!

It is truly an honor that I get to share this small piece of my testimony with you all, to show the Lords faithfulness in my own life. I have learned that testimonies vividly paint beautiful pictures of what God did do and what He can do (Revelation 12:11) Looking back on my life, I have seen the very hand of God take the frame of His unending mercy and stroke every bad to work together for my good with a brush of grace, mercy, and forgiveness (Genesis 50:20). Like many, I am a living and walking testimony that forgiveness is powerful and if God saved me, He can and will save you too. My prayer and only hope is that you would come to understand that there is a King of Kings, Lord of Lords, defender and Savior who knows all of your past, present, and future. He loves you immeasurably more then you could ever imagine (Ephesians 3:20), and He provides the way for you to receive ultimate healing, fulfillment and restoration.

“Praise the LORD! How good to sing praises to our God! How delightful and how fitting! He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension! No, the LORD’s delight is in those who fear him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love.” Psalms 147:1, 3, 5, 11 (NLT)

Pink Pants + H&M Top

Lately I’ve been a big fan of mixing bold colors and prints together. I especially love this combination of hot pink, orange, light pink, and yellow! Bottoms are from gap and the tops from H&M. I am kind of obsessed with these pants I mean they are hot pink, and seriously so comfortable. These pants are perfect for work they look so fabulous and dressy at the same time. What better time to wear colorful pant than summer?! And yes I LIVE in my heels. So Friday after I got off work I drove over 14 hours to surprise my family at the beach! I would have to say my weekend was pretty amazing and I successfully surprised my family!

 Top: Old H&M | Bottom: Gap (old similar here)Watch: Michael Kors (old similar here) Arm Candy: Alex and Ani, David Yurman Bracelet (similar here and here), Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle | Ring: David Yurman (Similar here| Sunglasses: Sunglasses: Ray Ban |