7 Things About LoweCo Petite

  1. I am crazy about my faith, family, fashion, fitness, and football. Loco is Spanish for crazy. My Last name is Lowe, and I'm crazy about my God who picked a perfect family for me to be a part of. I am also crazy about my name Chelsea Olivia Lowe. The Co in my blog name comes from my initials, and my nickname is CoCo. The petite comes in because I am 4'11. Hence, the appropriate name LoweCo Petite for my fashion and lifestyle blog. 
  2. I started picking out my clothes at the age of two. I’ve always had a love for fashion - you can ask anyone who’s ever known me!
  3. Love all things sports. Retired gymnast. Competed 15 years. Started Pole vaulting my Senior year in High school. Then went on to pursue that in college.
  4. This girl is a foodie. I love all things food. If I had to choose Sweet vs. Savory… Savory all the way. (I would so much rather have sweet potato fries and sparkling water with a lime, over a donut)
  5. I enjoy driving! I make a trip from Alabama to Pennsylvania at least twice a year. I have two family dogs that live with my parents in PA, Cocoanut Oscar Lowe, and Cassidy Oprah Lowe.
  6. My Family means the world to me. My baby brother, Carl O. Lowe Jr., is my best friend and I love him so very much. He just got into pharmacy school and the proudest big sister alive. Carl O. Lowe Sr., aka Coach Lowe. The best father a girl could have. He’s from England and he’s one of the reasons why I love fashion so much. I have the most beautiful southern belle of a Momma, Carol Michelle Lowe, born and raise in Mississippi. There is no mother quite like her. My family is the sweetest gift from God. What can I say It’s a Lowe Thing.
  7. I grew up Catholic, but by the grace of God I was saved as a Christian two years ago. My life has been drastically changed and I will never be the same!


  1. And last but not least, CoCo LOVES her DeeDee! Lol... No, but really. She does! I am sooooo excited for you sweetheart! A true worshiper and one of my favorite intercessors. Thank you thank you thank you God for putting Little Ms. LoweCo Pettite in my life. Love you girl! I'm routing for you!

    1. I sure do love my DeeDee!! I thank God for putting my DeeDee in my life! Thanks so much.

      xo, Coco

  2. Congrats on your blog. Will be following!

    1. Thank you so very much! I am so excited to have you following along!

      Xo, Chelsea